Manufacturing machine vision backend developer

You will work in a team that creates AI solutions for manufacturing and industry, mostly in the field of machine vision.

At Cognexa, we work with major global manufacturers as well as with most of the biggest local industrial automation companies / integrators.

Your responsibilities 

  • you will be responsible for designing the opto-mechanical layout of the machine, usually in cooperation with automation partner 
  • we would like you to create a simple optomechanical lab in our office. It will be up to you to design it, such that we can then experiment with capturing the variety of products from our potential clients
  • you will perform experiments both in our and our automation partner’s lab to design the most efficient solution
  • you will travel to automation partner and end client to set up, test and tune the optical component of the product
  • you will also be responsible for related software development and/or deployment, according to your skills. This can include implementing the communication with PLC, cameras, setting up the server’s OS, networking, etc.


  • knowledge and passion for optics, different lighting and capturing methods
  • understanding basic principles of mechanical engineering
  • automatization mindset, creating the solutions as repeatable as possible
  • experience with devops and/or cameras’ SDK’s, Linux OS, Python is an advantage
  • fluent written and spoken Slovak, English. German is an advantage.
  • willingness to work with a young team (average age <30)

What you might like about the position

  • you will get deep insights into applying cutting-edge AI technologies in production
  • you will have the opportunity to design your own solutions and see them come to life
  • fresh culture of a young deep tech company



industrial, optics, mechanics, backend, requirements engineering, product



Contract type:

Full-time, trade license or employment contract




1500-3000 EUR, according to individual skills and experience of the selected candidate.

Are you interested?

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