Machine Vision

We build the brain behind the camera. Building software capable of recognizing objects, characters and patterns and analyze images and videos.

We create the brains behind cameras

Recent advancements in deep learning algorithms and hardware development have significantly expanded the capabilities of AI-based machine vision systems. It can now be applied in a wide range of industries and processes such as identity authentication, defect detection in manufacturing, laboratory diagnostics, utility meter reading and many others. Our team is ready to help you discover the potential of machine vision AI in your business. The rule of thumb is: everything a human can analyze just by looking and thinking, computer can perform, too.

Uses cases

  • Object detection, localization and quantification
  • Texture, material and object classification
  • Similarity matching, anomaly detection
  • Text and signs reading, print quality inspection
  • Video analysis and movement tracking
  • Complex image and video analysis


Explore some of the most common use cases and domains of application of our technology and know-how.

OCR – Character recognition for the real world +

OCR – Character recognition for the real world

Optical character recognition is one of the revolutionary technologies boosting industrial automation. It makes a manufacturing process faster, eliminates errors caused by human distraction and reduces expenses at the same time. The solution is based on deep learning algorithms and on a revolutionary CX-gen and OCR technology, developed by Cognexa.

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Industrial machine vision +

Industrial machine vision

We deliver premium visual inspection solutions based on deep learning, enabling manufacturers to fully automate visual quality control without reducing its reliability. This technology is usable for inspection of a wide variety of materials, textures and part types, while maintaining its adjustable properties. Our engineers customize the solution for each application to achieve unprecedented performance levels.

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Medical image analysis automation +

Medical image analysis automation

This solution powered by deep learning enables automation of complex image analysis tasks carried out in modern laboratories or healthcare institutions. It assists experts across the globe to design their own deep learning algorithms without requiring coding or machine vision expertise.

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Why Cognexa

The field of machine vision is shifting from algorithmic methods to deep learning neural network methods and our AI experts use the latest knowledge from the field to design and develop extremely precise machine vision solutions.

One of the greatest advantages of our technologies is that our deep learning models are trainable on a very small number of labelled images. This property allows for fast prototyping and development of complex AI solutions.



Get inspired by our past projects in the domain. Check out our references to get a better image of the diversity of use cases.

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