Car insurance & Fleet management

We have developed a suite of solutions for the automation of motor vehicle management that can be applied across various industries. Using it, you will be able to analyze images or video footage, extract data from it, and integrate the data into your system. All of it with a fraud-prevention mechanism consisting of four layers for your protection.

Automated mobile odometer reading

We provide verified mileage reading with no telematics hardware or upfront investment required. Only thing needed is a smartphone and you are good to go!

Automated VIN reading and license plate reading

Are you thinking about adopting digital vehicle onboarding? Besides the odometer, our system also enables VIN reading, license plate reading, and reading of any vehicle identification documents you need.

User identity verification

What about user identity identification? Besides reading the identity documents such as driver’s license or identity card, we also offer facial recognition biometrics with liveness check.

Vehicle self-inspection

Would you like your customer to self-inspect the car? Our solution can help you automate the process by classifying the images and reading data from it. We are also developing a fully automated solution, which will be able to assess the vehicle’s current condition and evaluate the cost of damages.

Instant photo quality feedback

If you are doing it manually now you probably get a lot of photos that you are unable to process because of the poor quality. Our solution is able to reject such a photo in real-time and ask the user to make a new one that would be of good-enough quality.

Fraud detection

We can help you prevent fraud and thus cut your costs by implementing four different layers – Car model recognition, Metadata check, Validation of historical data, and Photo manipulation detection.


Explore some of the most common use cases and domains of application of our technology and know-how.

Car Insurance Providers +

Car Insurance Providers

Devise a Pay-as-you drive system that motivates your clients to drive less thus reducing the costs of claims for you. Automate the processing of claims.

Fleet management +

Fleet management

Digitize odometer readings and spare your team from burdensome paperwork. Fleet management has never been easier.

Used Car Dealers +

Used Car Dealers

Automate the evidence process for each new car entering your offering in a paperless and error-free way.

Car Rentals +

Car Rentals

Keeping records of the mileage after each customer returns the keys can be easily automated.

Fuel Card Providers +

Fuel Card Providers

Add a fast and reliable way of mileage tracking to your fuel card services and make your customers‘ lives even easier.

Software and Mobile Apps Developers +

Software and Mobile Apps Developers

Create an application with automatic mileage reading functionality or digital vehicle onboarding. Reliable and accurate for a wide variety of use cases.

Why Cognexa

The field of machine vision is shifting from algorithmic methods to deep learning neural network methods and our AI experts use the latest knowledge from the field to design and develop extremely precise machine vision solutions.

One of the greatest advantages of our technologies is that our deep learning models are trainable on a very small number of labelled images. This property allows for fast prototyping and development of complex AI solutions.


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