Employing statistical and mathematical tools and methods we create solutions that help organizations automate processes, optimize operations and extract business value from data.

The core of our analytical toolkit consists of classification and prediction models as well as visualization tools which can be applied to various problems in a wide range of different industries to improve performance. Using these powerful tools can make a huge difference in your business but it might also be a waste of time unless there is a proper understanding of how and when to use them.
That’s where Cognexa’s expertise can make a difference in your organization. Our specialists are always ready to assist when solving complex problems and enthusiastic about cracking even the most peculiar data riddles to help you boost your business.

Common use cases

Customer analytics - acquisition, churn, upsell modelling
Forecasting, trading, optimization
Predictive maintenance
Fraud & anomaly detection
Identification of root cause of inefficiency, scrap, defects, outages...
Pattern recognition

You can also check out our references to get a better image of the diversity of use cases where we helped our customers with tailor-made data science solutions .

Your end-to-end partner for machine learning

  1. Free consultation
    decide if data science methods are suitable to solve your problem
  2. Business analysis
    initial feasibility assessment and solution outline
  3. Technical analysis
    concrete specification of the full solution
  4. Full solution development
    construction of the standalone full solution
  5. Deployment to production
    delivery of the solution and its integration
  6. Maintenance and upgrades
    providing post-deployment support, monitoring and managing performance

Free consultation

Our consultants will help you identify use cases in your processes where we could help you boost your business using data science methods. In the next step we will propose a custom solution designed to work with your proprietary data and to integrate into your workflow. For a free initial consultation, please contact us here...

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