CX quality toolkit

CX quality toolkit by Cognexa is a highly accurate software engine based on deep neural networks enabling manufacturers to fully automate the visual quality control without reducing its reliability.

Automation of visual quality control

CX quality toolkit is a software tool that can be integrated into stations for automated visual testing on production lines consisting of mechanical and opto-mechanical components (cameras and manipulation mechanics). The software automatically evaluates the quality of the product and based on defined parameters it decides about the desirability of the product. The production line is thus equipped with an automatic station that identifies NOT OK products coming off the line and removes them from the line.
CX quality toolkit has been implemented in different production lines manufacturing a wide range of different products (from machinery to electronics). The solution is universal and can be fitted onto most of the production lines used in the industry. It's easy to deploy, to train and to use.
Benefits of having CX quality toolkit on the production lines include:
  • Inspection records archiving for all products (can serve as an evidence)
  • Elimination of routine manual work, that leads to faster identification of defects
  • Increase in reliability and consistency of the process
  • Significant financial savings achieved through automation

Why CX quality toolkit

Thanks to the sophisticated application of generative datasets and deep neural networks architecture, CX quality toolkit:
  • Copes with high variability of inputs (rotation, deformation, various products)
  • Easily adapts to changing environment and new conditions
  • Can continually improve (learn)
  • Can be adjusted even by in house technicians via a dedicated GUI interface


Together with our partners we are able to deliver the full station for visual quality control and its integration into the production line.

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