Industrial OCR

A high precision OCR tool specialized in reading characters from images of industrial components, various materials and textures. Industrial OCR is an ideal assistant in production automation.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is one of the revolutionary technologies boosting industrial automation. It makes a manufacturing process faster, eliminates errors caused by human distraction and reduces expenses at the same time.
Industrial OCR is a software component based on OCXR technology developed by Cognexa. The ability to recognize and read the characters in the images is ensured by deep neural networks and our engineers are able to customize the OCR solution for your specific use case to achieve unprecedented performance levels. All you need to do is to take photos of the parts or products and let Industrial OCR do all the reading and parts cataloguing for you.
It works with high accuracy on any material (leather, steel, rubber, textile…) and with all kinds of fonts and writing types (printed, laser engraved, handwritten...).

Common use cases

  • Part tracking in the process based on a label or a serial number
    part location, history and number of times it had cycled through each production step
  • Optical character verification
    visual label or ID control, check if there is correct text on the right place
  • Display quality inspection
    testing the quality of a display by reading characters from it using OCR
  • Print or laser quality verification using OCR


Compared to generic software products, Industrial OCR is customized by machine vision experts at Cognexa for every specific use case. The solution is based on deep learning algorithms and on a revolutionary CX-gen and OCXR technology, developed by Cognexa, that enables it to solve seemingly impossible problems with superior accuracy. The most important benefits of the solution are:
  • smooth deployment and integration into your production line ensured by Cognexa
  • it is not sensitive to deviations in part/material appearance and variations in optical conditions
  • it is adaptable to changed conditions and nature of parts and defects of print
  • requires a surprisingly low amount of samples and annotations for initial training
  • it is intuitively manageable and retrainable to conform to changed requirements for functionality
Not only do we offer MIA software toolkit, but in cooperation with our partners, we are also able to deliver the mechanical and optical components of the solution along with their full integration into the assembly line.

Benefits of Industrial OCR for your business

Installation of Industrial OCR optical inspection station on an assembly line delivers:

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