AI engineer

Join a team that builds modern artificial intelligence tech solutions. Design, develop and test products and solutions that improve and save other people’s lives, using the latest algorithms, cloud and open source technologies.

About Cognexa: Since 2016, we’ve been building useful AI solutions in areas such as visual inspection, movement analysis, predictive maintenance or oncology diagnostics . From idea to full-scale deployment and beyond, we help innovators at every step of their AI journey.

AI engineer

What you will do

  • Dive deep into various kinds of data, understand the gist of the problem you are solving 
  • Design machine learning pipelines and algorithms, train ML/deep learning models, analyze the results
  • Write algorithms and services that serves the model you trained (mainly in python) 
  • Watch the current trends closely, come up with innovative approaches and use the latest tools and platforms to solve the problems efficiently
  • Be a team player, share your knowledge and learn from others, brainstorm solutions, review code

Required skills

  • Good grasp of the machine learning theory/methodology and algorithms 
  • Practical experience in a similar position, good understanding of the life cycle of development of machine learning solutions  
  • Knowledge in statistics and maths (mathematical modelling)  – we are looking for someone who can understand the real world phenomenon/task/process and come up with a way of modelling it via AI/ML/maths
  • Logical and abstract thinking skills, including the ability to formulate solution concepts, identify underlying assumptions and hypotheses, and test them
  • Ability to identify limitations of the approach and gaps in your knowledge and questions that need to be addressed
  • Prototyping mindset – ability to come up with an imperfect but quickly attainable solution
  • Python – numpy, pandas, Tensorflow/Keras/PyTorch, openCV
  • Git, Docker
  • Strong analytical skills, problem solving
  • Fluent written and spoken English

What you will like about the position

  • Unmatched expertise in AI in the team (we have been building AI solutions since 2016)
  • Lack of boredom – you will have the chance to work on various projects, with various technologies and types of data
  • Weekly meetings of the AI team, strong knowledge sharing within the team (in AI/ML it is important to share learnings and brainstorm on the right types of problems)
  • You will work in a young dynamic onsite team excited about cutting edge technologies and help us develop AI solutions with significant impact
  • You will be encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. In our team reasoning outweighs rank, so you can directly contribute to shaping the technical processes of the company
  • Environment that tolerates failures … if they come with learning
  • This office in the city center with full-day catering and cafeteria, private gym 24/7 and psychologist, kindergarten, nap-rooms and game-room, bike-garage and terrace with view of the castle, concierge service
  • Flexible working hours and occasional home-office, unlimited paid sick-days and extra vacation, upskilling and professional growth, referral bonus, team activities and off-sites



medior / senior



Contract type:

Contract / Full-time


by agreement


from 2700 EUR

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