Architect/Senior Soft. Engineer

Join a team that builds modern AI tech solutions. Design, develop and test products and solutions that improve and save other people’s lives, using the latest algorithms, cloud and open source technologies. About Cognexa: Since 2016, we’ve been building useful AI solutions in areas such as visual inspection, movement analysis, predictive maintenance or oncology diagnostics . From idea to full-scale deployment and beyond, we help innovators at every step of their AI journey.

Architect/Senior Soft. Engineer

Your responsibilities

  • Creation of solution architectures and cost estimates for new projects – based on the inputs from a PM/Consultant (e.g. user stories + non-functional requirements)
  • Delivery – watching over the architecture and contributing to planning of the works on a project (shared responsibility with PM/Consultant) 
  • Delivery – low-level support of the works of other Engineers assigned to the project (e.g. defining tasks, helping out with problems… Project management and communication with the client is the responsibility of the PM/Consultant)
  • Development/Proof-of-concept work on the critical components (whenever you decide to)
  • Oversight over code & architecture quality
  • Reviewing solution/architecture proposals by other team members
  • Oversight over the tech tooling/stack and infrastructure and its continuous improvement
  • Taking part in the interview process for the tech positions, sharing know-how with the current team

How we work

  • Consultant / PM gathers user stories from the client and build our architecture upon it together with our architect
  • Further requirements and communication is held by the consultant / PM
  • Architecture is transformed to tasks
  • All task are tracked in kanban board
  • We prefer to build the product in agile kanban principle
  • We code mostly in python and we test our code in automated way with build pipelines
  • Our solutions are deployed via terraform
  • We focus on quality to minimise future maintenance
  • We create green greenfield projects (building from scratch) and therefore only rarely need to open, debug or maintain old codebase

Required skills

  • Hands on development experience (we are looking for someone who can give a good code review)
  • Experience with public cloud (AWS, GCP or Azure)
  • Experience with AI is an advantage
  • Languages: fluent written and spoken English, Slovak

What you will like about the position

  • certifications for cloud architecture/engineering (AWS, GCP)
  • environment that tolerates failures … if they come with learning
  • fresh culture of a young deep tech company
  • This office in the city center with full-day catering and cafeteria, private gym 24/7 and psychologist, kindergarten, nap-rooms and game-room, bike-garage and terrace with view of the castle, concierge service
  • Flexible working hours and home-office, unlimited paid sick-days and extra vacation, upskilling and professional growth, referral bonus, team activities and off-sites


  • from 4500 € / month






Contract type:

Contract / Full-time




from 5000 €

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