Backend Engineer

Join a team that builds the true “brain behind the camera”. Design, develop and test products and solutions that improve and save other people’s lives, using the latest research, cloud and open source technologies.

Backend Engineer

What you will do

  • write stable, maintainable, and well tested code 
  • develop software using best practices in microservices, functional programing, serverless architecture
  • develop cloud infrastructure, create cloud templates (mainly GCP, terraform)
  • you will also contribute to developing our AI and computer vision algorithms
  • work with tools like fastapi, redis, postgres, lambda functions (GCP, AWS), dynamodb (or similar cloud native db), opencv, numpy, pandas, project tracking and data visualization toolkits, jupyter + widgets

Required skills

  • knowledge of Python, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines (github actions)
  • be familiar with best practices in microservices, functional programing, serverless architecture
  • feel comfortable with Linux and bash scripting
  • AI experience is nice-to-have
  • education: high school / uni 

What you will like about the position

  • environment that tolerates failures … if they come with learning
  • fresh culture of a young deep tech company
  • This office in the city center with full-day catering and cafeteria, private gym 24/7 and psychologist, kindergarten, nap-rooms and game-room, bike-garage and terrace with view of the castle, concierge service
  • Flexible working hours and home-office, unlimited paid sick-days and extra vacation, upskilling and professional growth, referral bonus, team activities and off-sites


  • 3200 – 4500 EUR / month






Contract type:

Full-time / Contract




3200-4500 EUR

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