Business Analyst

Would you like to learn how to design and build useful AI products? Level up at project management and tech consulting, learn the art of rapid prototyping and one day perhaps launch a tech startup? We are looking for a smart, naturally curious individual with an appetite for learning and passion for technology. A colleague to join our team on a mission to bring innovative, useful AI solutions that help people be more productive and confident. Could this be you?



Business Analyst

What you will do

You will work closely with other architects and PM/Business Analysts on both new opportunities (potential projects) and regular small projects (2-4 people per project):

  • Communicate with the client, be their main point of contact 
  • Map client’s goals and processes and understand how their business works
  • Capture the relevant business requirements and then follow up with user stories or other forms of functional specification for a potential AI solution
  • Work with an Architect/Senior Engineer to come up with a suitable solution and discuss it with the client 
  • Create business and technical specifications, docs and other written content. Identify missing pieces of information and ask for clarifications. Be the member of the team who transforms vague requirements into well defined tasks and features.
  • Present the results of the work of our team, lead meetings

Required skills

  • Previous work experience in a relevant position in IT sector (whether as PM/Analyst/Consultant/SolutionArchitect or Developer/AI Engineer)
  • Curiosity, eagerness to understand how technologies, people and processes work. Passion for asking great questions.
  • Communication skills, mature personality
  • Ability to manage a small team with structured and clear instructions
  • Skills in and experience with technical reading and writing (specs, user stories, use cases, business requirements, user manuals, test cases)
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence, statistics or computer vision is a plus

What you will like about the position

  • Unmatched expertise in AI in the team (we have been building AI solutions since 2016)
  • Lack of boredom – you will have the chance to work on various projects, with various technologies and types of data. 
  • Strong knowledge sharing within the team (in AI/ML it is important to share learnings and brainstorm on the right types of problems)
  • You will work in a young dynamic onsite team excited about cutting edge technologies and help us develop AI solutions with significant impact.
  • You will be encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. In our team reasoning outweighs rank, so you can directly contribute to shaping the technical processes of the company.
  • environment that tolerates failures … if they come with learning
  • fresh culture of a young deep tech company
  • this office in the city center with full-day catering and cafeteria, private gym 24/7 and psychologist, kindergarten, nap-rooms and game-room, bike-garage and terrace with view of the castle, concierge service
  • Flexible working hours and occasional home-office, unlimited paid sick-days and extra vacation, upskilling and professional growth, referral bonus, team activities and off-sites



Mid / Senior



Contract type:

Contract / Full-time


by agreement


from 2500€

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