Laboratory Image Analyzer (LIA)

LIA is a universal software toolkit powered by deep learning that enables automation of complex image analysis tasks carried out in modern laboratories. It assists lab experts across the globe to design their own deep learning algorithms without requiring coding or machine vision expertise.

Deep learning for intelligent laboratory

LIA is a fully adjustable software toolkit that enables scientists and researchers to automate digital image analysis.
  • Machine vision automates image processing
  • Powered by deep neural networks with self-improving capabilities
  • Analyzes all types of digital image data produced by applied vision systems used in laboratories, including video files and 3D images
LIA can be trained on almost any digital image type used in modern labs and can be set to analyze any type of tissue object. The application can be made available both on-premise and as a cloud computing solution.

In three simple steps you will be able to design, create and optimize your own smart laboratory tools within weeks

Annotate features of interest on uploaded images
Train algorithms
Validate results


LIA enables you to take full ownership of the analysis process. You decide on:
  • Input data types
  • Desired outcomes, features that will be extracted
  • Tissue objects
The solution is available as a cloud application or it’s deployable on-premise. If needed, our team will ensure seamless integration into any hardware or software tools already in use.

For WHOM is this solution

LIA is developed specifically for healthcare stakeholders that are looking to speed up laboratory processes and increase the quality of diagnostic procedures for their patients:
Hospitals and specialized clinics (laboratories)
Pharma and biotech companies
Life science laboratories
In-vitro diagnostic companies
Contract manufacturing organizations
Laboratory software developers

Use Cases

Embryology, digital pathology and more. See some of the example usecases for LIA.

Free consultation

Our consultants will help you identify the steps of your process where LIA could be useful and propose a custom solution designed to work in your specific case and to easily integrate into your workflow. For a free initial consultation, please contact us here...

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