Manufacturing image analyzer (MIA) by Cognexa is a highly accurate software engine based on deep neural networks enabling manufacturers to fully automate visual quality control without reducing its reliability.

Deep learning for visual inspection

Equipped with a rich toolkit of pre-built components, MIA can be used for inspection of a wide variety of materials, textures and part types, while maintaining its adjustable properties. Our engineers customize the solution for each application to achieve unprecedented performance levels. Specifically, MIA enables high accuracy automation for:
  • Defect detection
  • Texture and material classification
  • Assembly verification and deformed part location
  • Character reading, print quality inspection
MIA combines the speed and consistency of a software tool with the accuracy and flexibility of a human expert. Deployment of MIA-powered visual inspection station on an assembly line delivers:
  • Inspection records archiving for all products that can serve as evidence
  • Elimination of routine manual work
  • Increase in reliability and consistency of the process
  • Significant financial savings achieved through automation

How does it work?

  1. Free consultation
    to establish whether the problem can be solved with machine vision
  2. Analysis
    you provide the sample images/parts, we specify the solution
  3. Annotation
    you annotate the sample images
  4. Development
    we customize MIA specifically for your data
  5. Deployment
    integration and usage of the final solution


Compared to generic software products, MIA is customized by machine vision experts at Cognexa for every specific use case. The solution is based on deep learning algorithms and on the revolutionary CX-gen technology that enables it to solve seemingly impossible problems with superior accuracy. This technology approach is characterized as:
  • Robust to deviations in part appearance and variations in optical conditions
  • Adaptable to changed conditions and nature of parts/defects
  • Requiring a surprisingly low amount of samples and annotations for initial training
  • Easily and intuitively manageable and retrainable to conform to changed requirements for functionality
Not only do we offer MIA software toolkit, but in cooperation with our partners, we are also able to deliver the mechanical and optical components of the solution along with their full integration into the assembly line.

Free consultation

Our consultants will help you identify the steps of your process where MIA could be useful for you and propose a custom solution designed to work with your proprietary data and to integrate into your workflow. For a free initial consultation, please contact us here...

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