OdoCap by Cognexa is a neural network based SDK for paperless car mileage (odometer) reading. Just take a photo via smartphone. Let the OdoCap complete the reading.

Implementing OdoCap revolutionizes
the process in several aspects:

  • Universal - found an odometer OdoCap cannot read? Contact us and the problem is fixed within 5 working days. Successfully tested against 371 car makes and counting.
  • Reliable - No data entry, no paper or excel sheets. The reading goes straight where you want it to, leaving no space for error
  • Solid evidence - Archive photos to help solving customer/employee complaints with solid evidence.
  • Enabling trust - Scale the solution to new employees and contractors easily. Anyone can take a photo and the proof stays in the database.
  • Fast - 80 percent faster reading on the spot. No need for pen & paper, just a click in a friendly interface.
  • Helpful - Your technicians will love it. Equip the app with features like information about the car and become their hero
Visual Metering opens up a possibility of metering crowdsourcing. Let the customers do the readings through their own smartphones.

Easy to integrate into any app, Visual Metering revolutionizes
the process of analog meter reading

Car reseller

Automate the process evidence of each new car you you buy. In a paperless and error free way

Car rental

Keeping records of the mileage after each customer returns the keys can be automated

Taxi and delivery

Spare your team from the burdensome paperwork. Digitise the odometer reading


No matter if your drivers or technicians do the mileage evidence, fleet management has never been easier

Car insurer

Devise a bonus-malus system, that motivates your clients to drive less. Verify their mileage from the photos they send you

Software developer

Create an application with an mileage reading functionality. For any usecase, realiable and accurate

Out of the box solutions

In cooperation with our partner companies we can take care of the full software solution development, including Mobile application with OdoCap and Administrative system for management of people, permissions and downloads.

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