Software Engineer, Bratislava

Write high impact code - create the software around the machine learning models.

You will do some of the following (depends on your preferences and skills):

  • integrate machine learning models and data processing pipelines into web APIs, GUIs, services
  • manage continuous testing, deployment and integration
  • develop internal tools and libraries that make Cognexa even more efficient
  • create simple GUIs for data input, data labeling and demos
  • help design the system architecture our models and demos run on


problem solving skills, intermediate python and linux knowledge, docker basics, basic html/css/js knowledge, basic code maintenance (git, testing)

You will learn:

cloud deployment strategies, advanced CI/CD pipelines, modern JavaScript (React/Vue), python web frameworks (flask/django), how to write pretty and reliable code

Inspired by our work? Or want more information? Don’t hesitate to write us a message.
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