Data Science Lead / Senior Consultant

If you had the technical team that could do anything, how would you use that power? Lead our data science team. Challenge your skills in problem solving, creativity, communication, project management and lead our data science team towards solving some of the toughest problems in different industries.

You will:

  • work with our salespeople to define the data science solutions that will help the customer solve a defined problem
  • work with our technical teams to specify and price the solution
  • lead meetings after the customer showed initial interest, communicate with the customer, understand what relevant data they could provide, how, in what form and when
  • communicate with the clients and watch the deliveries from both our and their side, ensure we get the data and understand them
  • coordinate the works of the data science team, guard the scope and timeline of the project
  • identify potential follow up projects
  • learn and do some exploratory data analytics yourself, if you like :)


  • prior experience in big data & data science
  • knowledge of basic concepts in data science & big data & IT
  • problem solving mindset
  • project management capability - systematic work habits and patience (extensive data models will be your dear friends)
  • communication and presentation skills
Inspired by our work? Or want more information? Don’t hesitate to write us a message.
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