Data Scientist, Bratislava

Develop advanced statistical models and turn tons of data into business value across various industries. Apart from getting engineering know how and experience, you will have an opportunity to grow skills in technology consulting and project management.

Cognexa develops AI solutions for life sciences, manufacturing, banking, energy and other industries with one goal all the time - automate routine work and bring actionable insight into our clients data to improve the decision making process.

Contract type

Part-time possible but preferably full-time contract

Your responsibilities

  • develop machine learning models (the whole spectrum from clustering to neural nets)
  • analyze and visualize all kinds of data from various industries and customers, validate hypotheses, search for relations
  • create data processing pipelines in Python and work with external data engineering teams
  • occasionally work with our salespeople to propose data science solutions that will help the customer solve a defined problem
  • generate ideas, ask and answer questions, approach and solve a great variety of problems across industries
  • take on some project management responsibilities - get the data, get answers, ensure that you are creating a right solution for the given problem  


  • knowledge of Python and basic statistical methods
  • basic knowledge of git
  • experience with visualization platforms is a plus (Qlik, Grafana, Tableau, ...)
  • proactive problem solving mindset
  • systematic work habits (extensive data models will be your dear friends)
  • good communication and presentation skills
  • prior experience and knowledge of basic concepts from big data, data science or IT fields is a plus

What you will like about the position

  • you will deepen your knowledge of statistics and machine learning theory, Python and machine learning tech stack (Docker, git & CI, bash, ...)
  • you will work in a young dynamic team excited about cutting-edge technologies and develop AI solutions with significant impact
  • you will brainstorm new approaches with your colleagues in discussions where arguments win over ranks


  • 1700-2300 EUR, according to your individual skills and experience
  • share in the company’s profits
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