Deep Learning Engineer, Bratislava

Learn how to develop state of the art machine learning models for all kinds of data on variety of projects in variety of industries. Your core competence will be deep learning for image and video processing (segmentation, classification, regression, OCR), but if you are interested, you can also work on projects in domains such as anomaly detection and time series prediction. You will be the algorithms developer, and can use the support of engineers and SW developers to take care of the deployment, packaging, etc. Have a right mix between guided learning and independence, according to your seniority and preference.

You will:

  • develop neural nets and other machine learning models (the real ML, not some sophisticated rule engines:) in Python
  • play with images and videos in OpenCV and create data streams
  • work on the bleeding edge of research - implement findings from state of the art papers
  • monitor, improve and maintain both your own creations and our core products (OCXR, Quality kit, medical products)


Good knowledge of Python, machine learning basics

You will learn:

Advanced machine learning, Python (Tensorflow, OpenCV), machine learning technology stack (CLI, git & CI, docker, ...)

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