DevOps Engineer

Do you want to work in a small company where you will have a large impact, freedom to experiment and many opportunities to learn? Instead of being pushed back by your boss, you will be encouraged by your peers to bring new ideas and innovate.

We are looking for a dev ops person or a combination of dev ops and software engineer, to help us automate testing, deploying, training neural networks in the cloud, managing permissions and to help us maintain our servers and network. 

If you have reasonable experience with basic programming and scripting, (google) cloud, containerization, k8s, security, linux system administration, ansible, git, docker, python, let us know. 


  • 2000-2500 EUR, according to your individual skills and experience (with possible rise as you get more experienced)
  • share in the company profits

Inspired by our work? Or want more information? Don’t hesitate to write us a message.
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