Junior Software Engineer, Bratislava

Machine learning is not just about training a good neural network. Integrating the model into the real world comes with lots of interesting challenges. A complete Hardware solution needs to have monitoring, DB, statistics, tests and well written APIs between the DB, model and other devices (camera, PLC inside the machine in a factory). A cloud deployment comes with its own set of challenges related to the interconnection of different cloud tools. And we mustn’t forget about data and code security.  

Contract type

Part-time possible but preferably full-time contract

Your responsibilities

Based on your skills and preferences, you will do some of the following. 

  • integrate machine learning models and data processing pipelines into web APIs, GUIs, services, and real world machinery
  • manage continuous testing, deployment and integration
  • develop internal tools and libraries that make Cognexa even more efficient
  • help design the architecture of systems our models and demos run on


  • intermediate Python and Linux knowledge
  • problem solving skills

What you will like about the position

  • You will work in a young dynamic team excited about cutting edge technologies and develop AI solutions with significant impact.
  • You will be encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. In our team reasoning outweighs rank, so even you can directly contribute to shaping the technical processes of the company.
  • You will learn cloud deployment strategies, advanced CI/CD pipelines, Python web frameworks (Django), how to write pretty and reliable code.
  • As you get familiar with the work, you’ll have the ability to choose as many responsibilities and as much freedom and independence as suits you best.


  • 1600-2000 EUR, according to your individual skills and experience (with possible rise as you get more experienced)
  • share in the company profits
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