Technical Product Manager for Manufacturing, Bratislava

Read on only if you are genuinely interested in manufacturing technologies. Be it industrial automation, machine vision, production systems or something else, we want a technical person on board. And also an independent individual with past experience in the field, capable of managing a project.

Cognexa is mainly a machine vision company and for the industrial customers we provide deep learning quality inspection stations or software for such stations. We complement those by data analytics solutions that help process managers reduce the volume of defects and optimize production in other ways.

Contract type


Your responsibilities

Your work will revolve around our products and services for manufacturing, mainly industrial machine vision. You will:

  • visit clients and prospects qualified by our sales team (mostly factories and industrial integrators) all over Europe (mostly in Central Europe), have highly technical discussions and design suitable machine vision solutions
  • design machine vision solutions - software, optics & lighting, manipulation, electrics, control, interfaces, integration
  • guide our internal machine vision and software engineering team (which create image recognition software) and manage external vendors (who supply any of the other components) to deliver the solution
  • manage our industrial product portfolio, initiate the creation of new products and changes in the current ones
  • cooperate in close tandem with the business development manager for manufacturing who will open doors for you, so you can do the technical part in the workflow (your skill set will also determine which components will be developed internally) 
  • optional: act as a consultant also on our industrial data science projects, in which our team analyses the production data and provides insights to quality & process managers on how to improve quality and optimize production


  • ability to design solutions in industrial machine vision - knowledge required in industrial automation, optics & light and IT
  • fluent written and spoken English to understand business topics (German is a plus)
  • ability to deliver results independently and proactively
  • strong problem solving, consulting skills
  • basic project management skills, systematic approach
  • knowledge of AI, data analytics and/or industrial IT systems is a plus
  • experience in industrial quality management and the fields mentioned above is a plus

What you will like about the position

  • Strong R&D team at your disposal, world class cutting-edge technology with proven track record of “solving the impossible” and unlimited opportunities. Whenever you come up with a viable product/feature idea, it probably can be implemented. 
  • You will be granted much freedom in decision making and an opportunity to grow the team as soon as you are ready.


  • 2000-3000 EUR, according to individual skills and experience of the selected candidate.
  • share in the company’s profits
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