MeterAdmin is a solution for management of the process of reading all types of meters, tailored for the needs of energy and utility distributors.

MeterAdmin is a modular solution for forward looking companies:

  1. Makes the meter reading process up to 50 percent more efficient
  2. Makes the process paperless and almost errorless
  3. Reduces the number of disputes with customers by 85 percent
  4. Raises satisfaction of the metering technicians
  5. Integrates the data and management of the smart and analog meters in one platform

The solution is based on VisualMetering technology – the most accurate metering OCR on the market. Check out the VisualMetering product page for more information and benefits of visual meter reading.

 MeterAdmin is a ready to use software solution, which consists of three components


    Mobile application for technicians, powered by VisualMetering technology

    Interface for coordination of metering and related business processes

    Modules for management of smart (IoT) devices alongside with the analog meters

1. Application

An application that simplifies work of metering technicians for analog (non-smart) meter reading. Using the OCR technology (optical character recognition), all a technician has to do is take a photo of the meter with the mobile aplication. The application reads the meter display, validates the displayed consumption and sends the data and photo wherever you want them to be sent. The photo serves as a proof of the reading, enabling you to trust your technicians and resolve disputes with customers.

The application also contains (optional) features for the technicians which makes meter reading easy:

  • Information about the metering point and photos of surroundings
  • Knowledge sharing between technicians
  • Step navigation to the metering point
  • Communication channel to the metering management team

More information on the benefits of the VisualMetering technology is available on the product page.

‍Meter Admin makes meter reading easy and enjoyable for your technicians.

2. Metering Management System

The MeterAdmin's Metering Management System (MMS) is an interface for management of the metering and other business processes, used by the coordinator (administrator).

Main functionalities of the MMS module are the following:

  • Automatic receipt of data from metering points and processing requests for data from external systems (e.g. ERPs) for actual states of the meters
  • Automatic sending of data of actual consumption of the end points for invoicing purpose in the defined terms to external systems
  • Assigning of meter routes to technicians for manual metering, loading data to mobile application
  • Storing and management of additional information from metering points (notes, photos)
  • Storing of complete history of consumption of individual metering end points
Metering Management System - all the actions and information for smooth metering management

3. Smart Metering Modules

MeterAdmin contains wide variety of optional modules for management of smart (IoT) meters lifecycle, including installation, data management and maintenance. The solution integrates all your meters and business processes under one Metering Management System, designed to be the perfect companion for energy and utility companies in their transition to smart metering.

The whole solution was developed with our sister company Isdd Ltd. , a leading smart metering and IoT solutions provider.

  • IoT Installer - Toolkit with mobile application guiding the technician through the installation of smart meter or other IoT device (measuring singal strength, validation of connectivity, verification of IDs)
  • IoT Partner Business Hub - Enterprise platform that unifies and integrates the data streams from various IoT devices (not only meters) and M2M networks
  • IoT Lifecycle Manager, MMS integration - Access and analyze data streams from all your IoT devices and manage their lifecycle through the Metering Management System

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