Just take a photo via smartphone. Let the VisualMetering complete the meter reading. VisualMetering by Cognexa is the most accurate metering OCR in the market, capturing perfectly even in poor lighting conditions.

Easy to integrate into any app, VisualMetering revolutionizes the process of analog meter reading.

  • ReliableNo data entry, no paper or excel sheets. The reading goes straight where you want it to, leaving no space for error.
  • Solid evidenceArchive photos to help solving customer complaints with solid evidence. Make repeated meterings history.
  • Enabling trustScale the solution to new employees and contractors easily. Anyone can take a photo and the proof stays in the database.
  • Faster80 percent faster reading on the spot. No need for pen & paper, just a click in a friendly interface.
  • HelpfulYour technicians will love it. Equip the app with features like step navigation, information about the spot and photos of the surroundings and become their hero.
  • Offline or onlineOn device processing works in places with no signal, such as underground pits.
A reliable and exceptionally accurate core of a comprehensive metering solution we implemented for BVS.
Miroslav Petrík, CEO Additiva
Additiva supplied a hollistic IT solution that covers the whole process of metering in he Bratislava Water Company Inc. (BVS) - water supplier for over 650 000 people.

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One step further: Self reading

Visual Metering opens up a possibility of metering crowdsourcing. Let the customers do the readings through their own smartphones.

  • Save costs - Save by not having to to send a technician at all
  • Stress free - No need to schedule an appointment. Time savings for both sides
  • More data - 72 % of users would use VisualMetering every month just to keep track of their consumption. A right motivation can further increase this number. More frequent billing becomes possible and new opportunities for data analytics are opened.
  • Customer engagement - Create a whole new communication channel around VisualMetering. Present offers, surveys, information and raise customer loyalty.


VisualMetering is available in three basic forms

  • VisualMetering SDK (software development kit) – Software component, recommended for integration into an existing application.
  • MeterAdmin (ready-to-use solution) - Mobile application for technicians, powered by VisualMetering SDK, including knowledge sharing zone and step navigation. The solution includes an administrative system for management of the whole process - people, permissions and downloads, or even routing and scheduling of meterings - and variety of optional modules for smart (IoT) metering.
  • MeterAdmin Crowd (custom solution) – Mobile application for self-reading of meters by customers, powered by VisualMetering SDK. Custom app development tailored to fit your needs.
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