Solutions for Energy & Utilities

CongeXa brings innovations to the energy & utility market. Data science, predictive analytics and automation capabilities of a dynamic AI company, combined with infrastructure, design and integration capabilities of our partners, results into substantial benefit for utility and energy companies.


Analog Metering and Smart Metering

Manage the complex process of reading of both analog meters and smart (IoT) meters using the latest technologies. The solutions were developed with our partner ISDD Plus, a leading IoT solutions provider.

  • VisualMetering - Revolutionize the process of reading analog (non-smart) meters through mobile app, crowdsourcing and visual reading of displays (OCR)
  • MeterAdmin - Manage crews, routing, navigation, communication and reading of the analog meters. Manage the process of installation, integration of data streams and whole lifecycle of smart meters and other IoT devices. All in one platform.
  • Custom IoT solutions and Analytics - Create your custom smart metering solution, profit from the efficiency and gain insights from the richness of the data.

Trading and Supply Management

Manage operations on dynamically changing energy and commodity markets with predictive analytics and optimization.

  • Trading - Operate profitably on spot markets, national and international markets
  • Congestion, Capacity and Supply Management - Optimize decisions and processes using the power of the data.
  • Production, Consumption and Imbalance Predictions - Order, produce or sell the right amounts in the right time

Network Operation and Asset Maintenance

Eliminate outages, improve quality of service and minimize costs for maintenance and replacement of machinery and infrastructure. Using big data and predictive analytics, we help making your grid smarter.

  • Predictive Maintenance - Improve quality of service and minimize costs for maintenance and replacement of machinery and infrastructure by just-in-time maintenance
  • Fraud and Anomaly - Detect theft or leaks and predict unusual events

Customer Management and Marketing

Use big data and predictive analytics to gain insights about the customers, serve relevant individualized offers and proactive actions in the right time.

  • Customer Analytics - Predict customer behavior, such as churn, reaction to campaigns, late payments and much more
  • Targetted Offers - Present relevant content to each individual and raise customer loyalty.
  • Data Enrichment - Make your products, services and campaigns better by knowing more about your customers

Custom Solutions and Consulting

Artificial intelligence and data analytics offer many more opportunities for data monetization, insight gathering, personalization and workflow automation. Our consultants are ready to identify the right innovation for your business.

Relevant References:

  • Infra services - Automation of meter reading process for both analog and smart meters (development and supply of devices, integration to IoT network, development of CRM system and mobile application)
  • V-elektra Slovakia - Prediction of various quantities on the national energy market and the electric grid
  • Orange Slovakia - Analysis of data sources, Architecture proposal of data lake, Big Data & Machine learning PoC, Text communication automation solutions
  • International insurance company - Automation of visual reading (OCR) of car odometer displays
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