Solutions for LIFE SCIENCES & Healthcare

We apply the artificial intelligence and computer vision to replicate the best human professionals and make their knowledge and skills accessible to anybody.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) assistants diagnose, evaluate and assist the doctors, laboratorians, researchers and nurses all over the world. They automate and improve quality of tiring and error prone tasks, what leaves the medical practitioners with more time for the value added work - communication with the patient, holistic diagnostics and research.

In cooperation with partner with data and expert medical know-how, we can create a new AI assistant that helps not only in these fields:

  • medical imaging and video analysis - our systems analyze CT, MR, microscopy images, timelapse sequences, mammograms and any other image-like material and provide quality insights and time savings to the medical practitioners
  • data-heavy diagnostics - our systems evaluate big amounts of data and draw conclusions, even if the patterns in them are too complex for a human expert to notice. Think EKG, blood tests, or complex diagnostics that includes data from various tests and devices.
  • lab process automation - We create software assistants for wide variety of laboratory tasks. Inspection of specimens, tests, evaluations - usage of artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity for any quality lab. Think pathology, cytology, hematology, microbiology, genetics....

Relevant references:

  • Prague Fertility Centre - automated system for embryo evaluation for Primo Vision timelapse systems. Superhuman accuracy of evaluation.
  • Merck - online platform for manual embryo evaluation
  • IKEM -  IsletNet: Automated system for identification and analysis of Langerhans (pancreatic) islets
  • Planet Innovation - license management module
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