Solutions for Manufacturing

In cooperation with partners, we provide end-to-end solutions for industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Using big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and computer vision, we help manufacturers and heavy industry companies innovate and succeed on the highly competitive global market.


Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Thanks to cooperation with respected industrial integrators, such as ATG, we can deliver fully functional solutions, including defectoscopes, cameras and other production line components and integration into the IT infrastructure.

  • quality inspection automation - automate the procedure of checking products and components for defects. especially suitable for visual testing methods
  • root cause analysis - drive down the scrap (defected product) ratio by identifying and monitoring the key factors that affect the origination of defects

Purchase, Operations and Logistics Optimization

Use predictive analytics and optimization for efficient operations.

  • purchase - buy and trade material, commodities and energy in a profitable way
  • inventory management - always keep the right amounts of inventory, reacting to expected supply of components, demand for product, throughput, costs of production and other factors
  • resources allocation - operate resource-hungry machines and critical infrastructure in an optimal way using artificial intelligence and optimization
  • congestion management - detect, eliminate and prevent bottlenecks in production and decrease takt time

Tracking and Reading

Monitor the flow of assets and goods through the factory and automate processes using machine vision and advanced sensorics (IoT). The technology partner for sensorics is the creator of one of the largest IoT projects in Slovakia, ISDD plus.

  • industrial OCR - automate reading of visual patterns - labels, displays, codes, signs - to ensure traceability and automate processes
  • tracking - inspect the flow of goods and assets and ensure traceability using sensorics

Asset Maintenance

Eliminate outages and minimize costs for maintenance and replacement of machinery and infrastructure. Using big data and predictive analytics, we help making your grid smarter

  • predictive maintenance - eliminate outages and minimize costs for maintenance and replacement of machinery and infrastructure by just-in-time maintenance
  • monitoring - monitor assets and infrastructure with advanced sensorics
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