Solutions for Telco, Insurance & Banking

Using our AI and data science capabilities, Cognexa helps corporations extract valuable information from their data, personalize products and services and automate time consuming processes.

Customer Management and Marketing

Use big data and predictive analytics to gain insights about the customers, serve relevant individualized offers and proactive actions in the right time.

  • customer behavior modelling - predict customer behavior, such as churn, reaction to campaigns, late payments and much more
  • recommender systems - present relevant content to each individual customer
  • data enrichment - make your products, services and campaigns better by knowing more about your customers

Administration Automation

Use AI to process and digitize your documents, or even do the accounting.

  • document digitization - retrieve text from archived photos/scans to make them searchable
  • invoice processing - take a photo, upload it, and our system will import it to your accounting system
  • automated accounting - meet Otto, the AI accountant

Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Detect abuse and anomalous patterns. Our AI detectives help your specialists by identifying the suspicious cases to focus on.

  • credit card & transaction fraud
  • prescription fraud
  • telecom fraud

Custom Solutions and Consulting

Artificial intelligence and data analytics offer many more opportunities for data monetization, insight gathering, personalization and workflow automation. Our consultants are ready to identify the right innovation for your business.


  • Orange Slovakia - Analysis of data sources, Architecture proposal of data lake, Machine learning PoC, Text communication automation solutions
  • International insurance company - Automation of visual reading (OCR) of car odometer displays
  • O2 Slovakia - Data enrichment project for better marketing targeting
  • Accounting company - Automation of bookkeeping of incoming invoices
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