Whether you want to identify opportunities for machine learning applications, consult a specific project, build, enlarge or educate your own team, or outsource machine learning altogether, we are there to help.

Since 2016 we have worked with multinational corporations, SMEs and startup companies helping them apply machine learning approaches. This experience makes us a valuable consulting partner able to assist in all these areas:

AI strategy

identifying opportunities and creating roadmaps for utilisation of machine learning in the company

AI product management

identifying opportunities and implementing machine learning in specific projects and products

feasibility analysis

specifying solutions, assessing its performance, data requirements and limitations, creating implementation roadmaps


fast proof of concept construction, validating ideas and assumptions


going beyond analytics and gaining insights from data using machine learning methods

data management

advising on optimization of gathering, storage and transformation of data and an overall data model

technology consulting

helping companies to decide on technology stack and architecture of the company’s IT infrastructure

expert engagement

increasing the AI capacity and capability by engaging a knowledgeable expert team on a time and material basis

machine learning outsourcing

allocating a dedicated expert team on your command

frameworks and utilities

choosing and implementing the right ML tools or developing custom-built ML utilities

building in-house machine learning teams

help creating a job position requirements, test assignments, leading interviews and providing continuous support

machine learning education

providing educational courses, tutoring, cooperation, aimed either at data scientists or executives

Free consultation

Our consultants will help you identify use cases in your processes where we could help you boost your business using our machine learning expertise. For a free initial consultation, please contact us here...

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