In cooperation with partners, we provide end-to-end solutions for industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Using big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and computer vision, we help companies innovate and succeed on the highly competitive global market.

Machine Vision

We build the brain behind the camera. Building software capable of recognizing objects, characters and patterns and analyze images and videos.

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Video Analytics

We make cameras smart. Building AI based software capable of recognizing and analyzing objects, people and events to deliver actionable intelligence and ensure oversight over the processes.

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Data Science

Employing statistical and mathematical tools and methods we create solutions that help organizations automate processes, optimize operations and extract business value from data.

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AI Consulting

Get AI from presentations to the DNA of your company. Embrace digital transformation and become a data driven company. Launch successful pilot projects and get the AI ecosystem built. Let our data scientists and consultants do the know-how transfer to boost your internal team.

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