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Get AI from presentations to the DNA of your company. Embrace digital transformation and become a data driven company. Launch successful pilot projects and get the AI ecosystem built. Let our data scientists and consultants do the know-how transfer to boost your internal team.

Areas in which we can be helpful

A significant part of the challenge for businesses lies in keeping up with the technological explosion that surrounds AI technology – with new methods emerging every day, it’s hard to keep up. In order to maintain a competitive edge, businesses need to always look ahead, quickly embrace emerging technologies and place them on their product/service roadmap as soon as possible.


Look at the ways in which your company can access AI:

  • AI strategy – identifying opportunities and creating roadmaps for utilisation of machine learning in the company
  • AI product management – identifying opportunities and implementing machine learning in specific projects and products
  • Feasibility analysis – specifying solutions, assessing its performance, data requirements and limitations, creating implementation roadmaps
  • Pilot projects – fast proof of concept construction, validating ideas and assumptions
  • Data model – advising on optimization of gathering, storage and transformation of data and an overall data model
  • Expert engagement – increasing the AI capacity and capability by engaging a knowledgeable expert team on a time and material basis
  • AI technology stack – choosing and implementing the right tools with your team
  • Building in-house machine learning teams – help creating a job position requirements, test assignments, leading interviews and providing continuous support
  • Machine learning education – providing educational courses, tutoring, cooperation, aimed either at data scientists or executives

Why Cognexa

We go far beyond just training a deep learning model on an annotated dataset. Coping with real-world uncontrolled environments, setting up and maintaining the learning loops, artificial data generation, software aided annotation, scoping the MVP…you name it.

Since 2016 we have built 30+ AI & machine vision solutions and advised on hundreds of projects. Combining the best of research and our technologies with best practices in business-ready solutions development, we give your AI transformation a direction.


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