Data Science

Employing statistical and mathematical tools and methods we create solutions that help organizations automate processes, optimize operations and extract business value from data.

Data is the new gold

and we are there to help you mine every bit of valuable information in it. We have advised and worked for hundreds of companies, taking part in analyses and consultations taking several hours, as well as long term development partnerships. And we are here to help you become a data driven enterprise.
Processing various types of data, our creations analyze, visualize and interpret. Forecast, predict, estimate. Detect, recognize, identify. Mimic, automate, optimize. Understand, segment, cluster.

We design, specify, manage. Create data based software products. Code, deploy, maintain. Help identify opportunities. Transform businesses. Share know how. Deliver success.

Use cases

  • Customer analytics – acquisition, churn, upsell modelling
  • Forecasting, trading, optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fraud & anomaly detection
  • Identification of root cause of inefficiency, scrap, defects, outages…
  • Pattern recognition


Explore some of the most common use cases and domains of application of our technology and know-how.

Customer analytics & campaign management +

Customer analytics & campaign management

Use the richness of data to know your customer, serve relevant individualized offers and proactive actions in the right time. Decrease attrition, raise cross-sell and upsell rates by better targeting of campaigns.

Quality improvement & monitoring +

Quality improvement & monitoring

Industry 4.0 quality management based on advanced data analytics (data science and artificial intelligence) improve the efficiency of production in any manufacturing enterprise. Our analytics approach based on artificial intelligence makes it possible to uncover root causes that are often unidentifiable by traditional analytics and statistical methods, possibly due to the existence of hidden or nonlinear dependencies or interactions between factors.

Production optimization +

Production optimization

Our Artificial intelligence solutions and data analytics help businesses achieve high process flow efficiency through optimization in the following areas such as optimization of materials and energy purchase, efficient resource planning, time and performance utilization of production capacities, ensuring continuity of production or inventory management optimization.

Why Cognexa

The core of our analytical toolkit consists of classification and prediction models as well as visualization tools which can be applied to various problems in a wide range of different industries to bring insight and boost efficiency of decision making. Using these powerful tools can make a huge difference in your business but it might also be a waste of time unless there is a proper understanding of how and when to use them.

That’s where Cognexa’s expertise can make a difference in your organization. Our team is enthusiastic not only about solving the seemingly impossible problems, but also in advising on the optimal way of applying AI to enhance the business results of an organization.


You can also check out our references to get a better image of the diversity of use cases where we helped our customers with tailor-made data science solutions.

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