Medical image analysis automation

We are enabling the success of life sciences technology companies by building powerful and reliable bespoke AI systems and software products.

Deep learning for intelligent laboratory

Our solutions are powered by deep neural networks thanks to which it can be trained to analyze any type of tissue object with robustness to deviations in shape. Moreover it has a self-improving ability – with more data processed the results get even more accurate. It is able to work with all types of digital image data produced by applied vision systems used in modern laboratories, including:

  • 2D images
  • 3D images
  • Video recordings

Our medical image analysis solution combines the speed and consistency of a software tool with the accuracy and flexibility of a human expert. Integration of our software component into the lab workflow brings:

  • Elimination of routine manual work
  • More space for tasks that actually require a human expert attention
  • Increase in reliability and consistency of the process
  • Significant financial savings achieved through automatio







Our solution enables you to take full ownership of the analysis process. You decide on:

  • Input data types
  • Desired outcomes, features that will be extracted
  • Tissue objects

The solution is available as a cloud application or it’s deployable on-premise. If needed, our team will ensure seamless integration into any hardware or software tools already in use.





Designed for

Our solution can be used by healthcare stakeholders that are looking to speed up laboratory processes and increase the quality of diagnostic procedures for their patients:

  • Hospitals and specialized clinics (laboratories)
  • Pharma and biotech companies
  • Life science laboratories
  • In-vitro diagnostic companies
  • Contract manufacturing organizations
  • Laboratory software developers


Microscopic imaging +

Microscopic imaging

Our solution provides techniques to digitize, analyze and present images obtained from a microscope. Our AI software tools work together with image acquisition devices, such as digital cameras, to create end-to-end Computer-Assisted Microscopy solutions. We are able to detect, quantify, localize and classify objects, identify rare objects and make a segmentation based on morphology.

Radiology +


Radiology screening for suspicious morphology features is a challenging, tiring and error-prone task. PACSbrain uses deep learning intertwined with sophisticated synthetic data generation to create a screening solution that works reliably in the real world – where every patient and every scan is different.

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Embryology +


Our automated & cognitive human embryo annotation and evaluation system provides embryologists with additional, objective, consistent and interpretable clinical data which can assist their decision-making and improve IVF treatment results. We offer Image analysis automation, a convenient way to relieve embryologists from manual work and enable them to focus on the patient and her family. Our solutions can be easily integrated into the microscopic embryo examination workflow and significantly speed up the evaluation process while maintaining human expert-level accuracy.

Andrology +


Deployment of AI can lead to reduction of manual workload by providing automated sperm analysis. An integrated AI component with image analysis increases recognition efficiency, reduces errors by utilizing neural networks that are able to extract the crucial features from an image or video and learn to use them in a recognition of a sperm.

Digital pathology +

Digital pathology

Our solutions can be adjusted and trained to perform any visual evaluation of whole-slide images and other digital image types. In addition, our team can also provide support for any of the three steps involved in digital image processing:

1. Image storage and management.
2. Image manipulation and editing.
3. Image viewing, transmission and sharing

Endocrynology +


We have developed a deep-learning network, built and trained in cxflow that automatically segments and evaluates the quality of pancreatic (Langerhans) islets and which can now be accessed via The software automatically scans, analyzes and evaluates all images and promptly generates reports for the endocrinologist, thus saving hundreds of hours of manual lab work.

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