Radiology screening for suspicious morphology features is a challenging, tiring and error-prone task. PACSbrain uses deep learning intertwined with sophisticated synthetic data generation to create a screening solution that works reliably in the real world – where every patient and every scan is different.

PACSbrain is a virtual AI-based radiology assistant that can be integrated into an existing PACS system and used by a radiologist in his/her everyday tasks.
Radiologists benefit from using PACS enhanced with PACSbrain mainly in the form of an improved workflow as PACSbrain assists radiologists to consistently and accurately examine all regions that need expert’s attention.

The technology that is the basis of PACSbrain has been developed over the years at Cognexa. It is based on deep learning techniques that learn from radiologist expertise. An undoubtable advantage of an AI system is that PACSbrain can be trained on more images than a single clinician could possibly interpret in their lifetime.

PACSbrain is a joint venture that utilises the strengths of its two shareholders – the combination of powerful technology developed at Cognexa (major CEE AI company) and subject matter expertise and go to market know-how by Meuhedet (major healthcare provider in Israel).
The technology has been developed over the years at Cognexa and allowed us to train robust AI solutions based on as little as two training images.
Medical: The medical advisor for the project is Tsvika Dushnitsky, Head radiologist at Meuhedet and researcher. The go to market strategy is orchestrated by Ronen Viner, Head of innovations at Meuhedet. Renowned oncologist and radiologist Janetta Zelková is also a member of the board of advisors.

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