OCR – Character recognition for the real world

High precision technology for extraction of text from photo or video footage. OCR is a solution for professionals, who understand that in real world projects you never get laboratory conditions.

Our technology is a highly reliable OCR engine

Extracting text from .pdf scan of black-and-white documents is an easy task conventional OCR engines can perform.

Record a photo or video footage using any type of camera (smartphone, notebook, industrial, CCTV, …)
Our OCR solution detects the presence of a text information in the image and extracts it.
The digitized characters can then be passed to other systems you choose.


We have developed a highly reliable OCR engine, which we deliver specialized for your use case. Professionals know that nothing can beat specialization.
Highly robust to cope with real world conditions, yet requiring only zero to several training images to be production-ready. All thanks to our AI secret sauce.

Do you need an OCR that can deal with photo/video footage, which possibly is:

  • coming from multiple users/sources (trust us, people don’t follow manuals)?
  • taken at different places and lighting conditions?
  • by multiple device types and camera types?
  • taken in real world scenes (text can be anywhere, anything else can be in the photo)?
  • in varying quality (blurry, dark, with reflections, rotated, zoomed, almost invisible…)
  • with real world variability in how text/object looks like

If you answered any of the above positively, a generic OCR by some of the big tech companies will not be the way to go.

Designed for

Retail, banking, insurance, logistics, mobility, automotive, energy, utility, hi-tech, field service management – those are some of the industries our OCR technology is already delivering tangible business results.
A professional solution for project leaders who deliver results, not excuses.


Our OCR solution is there to deliver success in a variety of real world projects across industries – meter reading, digital onboarding, KYC, loyalty, goods & traffic tracking, text verification, text quality inspection.

Cards OCR +

Cards OCR

This Optical Character Recognition tool is able to extract text from text from scanned images and photographs of a card or any other structured document. It provides high precision results even with low quality images.

Utility meter OCR +

Utility meter OCR

Just take a photo via smartphone. Utility meter is the most accurate utility & energy meter reading OCR in the market capturing information from images perfectly even in poor lighting conditions.

Odometer OCR +

Odometer OCR

Odometer OCR is a neural network based cloud API for paperless car mileage (odometer) reading. Just take a photo via smartphone and let our technology complete the reading.

Industrial OCR +

Industrial OCR

A high precision OCR tool specializer in reading character from images of industrial components, various materials and textures. Industrial OCR is an ideal assistant in production automation.

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