Video Analytics

We make cameras smart. Building AI based software capable of recognizing and analyzing objects, people and events to deliver actionable intelligence and ensure oversight over the processes.

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Solutions based on deep learning for various industries. We make cameras intelligent to improve safety, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention to key events, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Artificial Intelligence analyzes video from camera systems, phone cameras and other sensors, working either in real time – possibly triggering alerts for specific events and incidents that unfold in the moment – or in post processing – performing advanced searches to facilitate forensic analysis tasks.

The rule of thumb is: everything a human can see on a video, a software can detect automatically allowing instant response.

Some inspirations for your next solution:

  • Object, people or event detection and counting
  • Motion detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Human movement tracking
  • Visualization and explanation of events
  • Custom video analysis


Explore some of the most common use cases and domains of application of our technology and know-how.

Sport analysis – Human movement tracking +

Sport analysis – Human movement tracking

Getting actionable information fast on the spot while training is essential for individual player development. Getting insights from the matches in a visual is vital for the performance of the team. Our solution allows everyone on the team to have their own personal coach and video analyst in one, without the need to hire additional trainers or analysts.

Safety and security – Worker safety, employee compliance +

Safety and security – Worker safety, employee compliance

We are able to analyze images from camera systems (incl. Door station, CCTV,..) and automatically detects whether people are wearing protective equipment. Upon verification, the system’s response can be used to alert the worker on the spot or to display a notification to the appropriate authority.

Safety and security – Perimeter control +

Safety and security – Perimeter control

Detect motion in a restricted area, such as entry to a server room or movement near high-voltage equipment or hazardous materials. We are able to identify the line-crossing events, such as a worker reaching into an unsafe zone. The analytic retains its extremely high accuracy even in the presence of changing light conditions and shadows.

Why Cognexa

We go far beyond just training a deep learning model on an annotated dataset. Coping with real-world uncontrolled environments, setting up and maintaining the learning loops, artificial data generation, software aided annotation, scoping the MVP…you name it.

Since 2016 we have built 30+ AI & machine vision solutions and advised on hundreds of projects. Combining the best of research and our technologies with best practices in business-ready solutions development, we give your AI transformation a direction.


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