Custom AI development

Building AI products

We help companies create smarter products. Harnessing the power of AI as an enabler of previously unthinkable digital and physical products and offerings. From idea to production, our know-how is at your service.

Product Innovation

New product, added value to existing product, bottom line impact.

Core technology Innovation

Better core product or service, increased competitiveness.

AI Innovation

Step on the AI & digital transformation journey, increased valuation.

Operational transformation

Cutting costs, bottom line impact, lean and fast processes and improved quality

Who we usually work with

We teach cameras and computers to see and analyze images, video and other types of data. We infuse AI in business and operational model of our clients, reaping benefits from automation and digitization and bringing previously unthinkable innovations to the market.


Startups usually come to us with an idea for a product innovation that will possibly help them to grow faster and expand to different markets. We can very quickly conduct a feasibility study to validate the hypothesis and then design a future-proof solution.



We usually help the scale-ups with either driving the operational efficiencies by helping them automate some of their processes or outsourcing the delivery of AI-enabled product features.


Large companies

We are enabling the success of globally established companies by building powerful and reliable bespoke AI systems and software products. Does it make sense for you to outsource your product innovation project? Our joint team of 140+ AI engineers and developers will be more than happy to help you out!


How it works - From AI Discovery through AI Pilot to full AI Product Development

You would like to keep up with the competition by implementing AI but you don't know exactly how it could be useful for you? Don´t worry! We´re here to guide you through the process.
You´ve already got an idea how AI can enhance your business and you´re looking for a partner that knows how to validate your ideas using AI technology.

You would like to take full advantage of what AI can bring you for your business and you´re looking for a long-term partner that can help you to transform multiple areas of your business.

Why work with Cognexa

Cognexa = top notch team + state of the art technology

Full-stack team of AI builders

Elite team with a track record in building and operationalizing AI solutions. Drawing from a pool of 140+ developers and AI specialists.

Technology know-how

We´ve been deploying AI solutions for years thus we have pre-built components and interfaces. Plus domain expertise in several industries.

Value for money

We get it right for the first time. Our unique methodologies enable us to deploy a functional AI pilot very fast and then gradually improve it.

Free Consultation

How could we help you with your challenge?