Life sciences & Medtech

The AI behind medtech

We are enabling the success of life sciences technology companies by building powerful and reliable bespoke AI systems and software products.

Digital imaging for microscopy

AI software tools created by the Cognexa team work together with image acquisition devices, such as digital cameras, to create end-to-end Computer-Assisted Microscopy solutions. Our team will identify and automate tasks that are mundane and create AI solutions that will significantly reduce the time and cost required to perform those tasks. Just to name a few:

  • Object detection
  • Object quantification
  • Object localization and classification
  • Segmentation based on morphology
  • Rare object identification

Lab process automation

Digital transformation is taking the global laboratory diagnostic market by storm. Our smart AI-powered solutions will help you to digitize processes and bring more intelligence and automation into the workflow. As a result, we deliver fully-customized end-to-end solution optimized according to the needs of your organization.

Medical image analysis automation

Every day, a huge number of digital medical imaging is being generated for diagnostic purposes. At the same time, many serious diseases are not detected when not looked for, despite the fact that the particular X-ray image or a CT scan contained the information.

Our technology enables experts to design automated systems that can check for multiple indications and extract predefined features from images produced by standard medical imaging equipment, such as CT, MRI, PET, etc.

AI-assisted diagnostics

Our artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are supporting doctors, researchers and nurses all over the globe. They not only have the power to diagnose and evaluate medical data but also to automate and improve the quality of tiring and error-prone tasks. The main goal is to enable medical practitioners to dedicate more of their time to the most value-adding work, such as communication with the patient, holistic diagnostics, and research. Our technology is based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

Solutions for the toughest challenges

Dream big. How would an ideal product or diagnostic process look like? We have a proven track record of creating solutions previously deemed impossible. Throw your toughest technology challenges at us and see if together we can make it work for your product and business.

Prototype and MVP development

AI projects can be delivered fast and inexpensive, when one knows how to slice them. Proceed iteratively, allocating additional resources only upon business validation or successful proof of concept. Start your next pilot project with a partner who has the tools and know-how for rapid prototyping of AI.

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