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Looking for a reliable partner for industry 4.0 and digital transformation? Using big data, predictive analytics and machine vision, we help manufacturers and industrial integrators innovate, raise quality and reduce costs.


Quality Inspection

Automate visual quality control for products and components, decrease the amount of claims and decrease process and resource inefficiencies by having the scrap detected early in the production line. Detect surface defects and anomalies.
Cognexa is a provider of complete turnkey inspection stations, vision systems or just software that analyzes footage from the already existing cameras.

Quality compliance & Monitoring

Drive down the scrap (defective product) rates by identifying and monitoring the key factors that affect the origination of defects. Boost the capabilities of the internal process engineering team by data driven insights from various types of data. Benefit from digital twin and predictive quality models, forecast, control and minimize scrap levels and fine-tune the production process.

Production Optimization

Drive down costs for energy, material and other resources. Maximize factors utilization and minimize downtimes and inefficiencies. Industrial data analytics and visualization enables manufacturers to optimize processes, automating analytical and decision processes and providing the plant managers, process engineers and operators with previously unthinkable level of insight.

Object tracking, OCR & Text verification

Automate reading of text, signs and codes and recognition of product types and objects. Inspect the quality of laser, engraved or printed signatures on product and parts. Automate inspection of displays. Identify objects and track items, improve parts traceability and digitize production.

Data analytics & Visualization

Use the insights from analysis, prediction, pattern recognition and visualization and uncover the insights hidden in data from sensors, production, measurements, quality, energy and other sources. Discover causes, interpret and visualize results, gain insights, identify anomalies. Understand events, predict their occurrence and ensure a timely and appropriate proactive steps be taken.

Process and Compliance monitoring

Use video analytics to ensure worker safety and smooth operations. Use smart cameras to monitor the use of protective equipment, detect intrusions, monitor entry. Monitor process compliance of employees and increase productivity by monitoring the production lines and facilities.

AI Transformation

Get AI from presentations to the DNA of your company. Embrace digital transformation and become a data driven company. Launch successful pilot projects and get the AI ecosystem built. Let our data scientists and consultants do the know-how transfer to build and boost your internal team.

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