Odometer Reading Automation

Automated odometer reader is a deep learning program based on analyzing of car dashboard images taken by smartphones to monitor car mileage that can be implemented into various types of products, usually including web or mobile applications. 

Main benefits

Better customer experience

Instead of typing the odometer mileage manually, all the customer needs to do is to just take a photo.

Cutting operational costs

Do your staff write in the mileage value manually or at least do some random check-ups to make sure that the data you received is correct? Now you can put an end to this. 

Improved data quality

You can improve your data by making sure that both the photo you receive is of enough quality and also that the mileage value that gets into your database is correct

Fraud prevention

On the first level, you can make sure that the user of your product is submitting you the correct value. On the second level, we can make sure that the user of your product has submitted the odometer photo from the right car. Contact us to hear more about this “magic” feature.

How it works

Take a photo with your mobile phone and submit it via mobile or web app.

Our algorithm at first determines if the photo quality is good enough and secondly, reads the value of odometer mileage.
It gives back the odometer mileage value and does with it whatever is needed (shows it to the user, stores it into your database etc.) It also performs other image analyses that can be used for fraud prevention.


Explore some of the most common use cases and domains of application of our technology and know-how.

Car Insurance Providers +

Car Insurance Providers

Devise a Pay-as-you drive system that motivates your clients to drive less (or these kinds of drivers signing up with you instead of your competition) thus reducing your claims costs.  Our solution can be used either as the main tool for verification for driven mileage or it can be used as a backup if you are using a GPS-based app at the moment where the data are not 100% reliable.

Fleet management +

Fleet management

Digitize odometer readings and spare your team from burdensome paperwork. It could be used for new vehicle onboarding (together with our VIN reading and license plate reading) or for mileage tracking purposes for the vehicles that don´t have the in-built hardware telematics. Fleet management has never been easier.

Used Car Dealers +

Used Car Dealers

Automate the evidence process for each new car entering your offering in a paperless and error-free way. Also, it can be the first step to the automation of the whole vehicle inspection process. We can also help you with other steps thanks to our other solutions aimed to be used in the automotive segment.

Car Rentals +

Car Rentals

Keeping records of the mileage after each customer returns the keys can be easily automated. It could be used as a first step of the vehicle onboarding and offboarding journey.

Fuel Card Providers +

Fuel Card Providers

Add a fast and reliable way of mileage tracking to your fuel card services and make your customers’ lives even easier. Also, take advantage of our several fraud prevention mechanisms to bring your customers even bigger value while saving operational costs.

Software and Mobile Apps Developers +

Software and Mobile Apps Developers

Create an application with automatic mileage reading functionality for digital vehicle onboarding and management. Reliable and accurate for a wide variety of use cases that can be combined also with our other solutions.

Part of a biger solution

Automated Odometer Reading is a part of a bigger solution. Our vision is to provide everything your company, startup, app needs for digital customer onboarding, digital vehicle onboarding, and vehicle maintenance that can be solved using AI. On the right, you can find some of the other features that we can either implement into your existing product, or we can develop a custom end-to-end solution just for you.

For more information, you can visit our Vehicle onboarding and management automation subpage or you could try our odometer reading demo online.

Other features

  • VIN/chassis reading, License plate reading
  • Car model and make detection (Plus other fraud prevention mechanisms)
  • ID cards reading including driver´s license
  • Documents reading including vehicle registration
  • Instant photo quality check and feedback
  • Vehicle cost and damage evaluation

Why Cognexa

We go far beyond just training a deep learning model on an annotated dataset. Coping with real-world uncontrolled environments, setting up and maintaining the learning loops, artificial data generation, software aided annotation, scoping the MVP…you name it.

Since 2016 we have built 30+ AI & machine vision solutions and advised on hundreds of projects. Combining the best of research and our technologies with best practices in business-ready solutions development, we give your AI transformation a direction.


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