Operations efficiencies

Efficient operations with AI

From idea to business results, we help companies operationalize AI. Benefit by cutting costs, boosting productivity, optimizing workflows, automating routine tasks. Avoid costly pitfalls and create your next AI solution with us.

Automation and Human-AI collaboration

Automate time consuming processes. Let your teams and customers benefit from an AI assistant. Replicate the knowledge of the best experts and standardize outputs.
Automate image and video analysis – object recognition, counting and analysis, pattern matching or complex analyses using multiple data types. Generate insight by automated data analysis, outlier or pattern spotting. Bring efficiencies into screening, diagnostics, claims management, customer onboarding, QA and more.

Monitoring, Threat and Fraud

Let AI help you keep operations smooth, secure and profitable. Let AI sift through the operations data, detect anomalies and fraud, prevent outages and discover root causes of inefficiency and failure. Make your camera systems smart with automatic event or object detection.


Could your processes and systems operate more efficiently? Use data, predictive and optimization algorithms to save resources, maximize operational efficiency and raise quality. Save energy and raw materials, optimize fleet, manpower and infrastructure allocation and purchase, shorten cycles, development or delivery time.
From one time data analysis to autonomous systems, our expertise is there to help.

AI transformation & Pilot projects

We will help you get AI to the DNA of your company. Embrace AI transformation and become a data driven company. Launch successful pilot projects and win buy in from management. Gather the right type and form of data, create feedback loops. Get your AI ecosystem and toolkit built.

Staffing and Building AI Teams

We love collaboration. Bring fresh ideas, know-how and professionalism to your team by engaging a Cognexa expert. We have already helped companies like Orange or Erste build their in-house AI teams and tools, use the opportunity for know-how transfer.

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