Product innovations

Building AI products

We help companies create smarter products. Harnessing the power of AI as an enabler of previously unthinkable digital and physical products and offerings. From idea to production, our know-how is at your service.

Smarter products

Use data and sensorics to make products truly smart. Personalize user experience. Go beyond analytics, generate insight. Recognize patterns, prevent fraud. Create self improving solutions. Transform data into functionality. Create business value.

Digital products for the material world

Make cameras and smartphones understand their surroundings. Embrace richness of sensorics and give users new means of interaction. Forget data input forms, typing and complicated instructions, make the experience smooth. Create digital solutions for the physical world.

Solutions for the toughest challenges

Dream big. How would an ideal product look like? Don’t get bogged down by assessing feasibility too early, it might kill a great idea. We have a proven track record of creating solutions previously deemed impossible. Throw your toughest technology challenges at us and see if together we can make it work for your product and business.

Prototype and MVP development

AI projects can be delivered fast and inexpensive, when one knows how to slice them. Proceed iteratively, allocating additional resources only upon business validation or successful proof of concept. Start your next pilot project with a partner who has the tools and know-how for rapid prototyping of AI.

Hardware-software solutions

Hardware is important, too. We design whole solutions, including the processing unit, cameras/sensors and lighting. We integrate the solution to the process and infrastructure. Embedded, cloud, hybrid? Make architecture dilemmas easy by engaging with a partner who knows what it takes.

Going outside the lab

Even good AI solutions or mobile apps fail when handed over to thousands of users to use. Design UX, user guidelines and process with an experienced partner on your side. Benefit from robust solutions, which perform in messy real world scenarios.

Free Consultation

How could we help you with your challenge?

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