Visual inspection for bearings and bearing components

Our AI technology performs reliable automated visual inspection that helps to detect scrap early in the production process while providing real-time insights thanks to quality tools for traceability, analytics, and monitoring. The solution proved itself even in environments where traditional deep learning solutions fail – e.g. in presence of liquids, dirt particles, and reflections.

Machine vision: High precision,
high-reliability visual inspection

The system inspects the whole surface of the ring, including the inner diameter, the outer diameter, and the faces and detects a wide variety of surface defects (down to 0.25 mm in size), such as:

  • defects of the signatures (unreadable, incomplete, or wrong identification code, wrong position)
  • surface damage and machining failures, scratches, cuts,
  • corrosion, abrasion, flaking of material
  • edge damage and defects of the lubrication holes

Quality tools: Traceability, analytics, and monitoring

The technology also provides the richest data about every single produced part. These are archived, analyzed, and visualized to truly enable data-driven total quality management: 

  • real-time detailed data about quality on the production lines; 
  • archiving of images and quality data about every single produced part; 
  • advanced visualization and search in the historical data
  • integration with quality management systems; 
  • built-in data analytics and artificial intelligence modules for data-driven root cause analysis and in-house research.

Running in production at

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