Cognexa joins NVIDIA Inception

Cognexa is proud to announce that it’s joining the NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures companies revolutionizing industries with technological advancements. This milestone is proof of our success, hard work, and state-of-the-art innovative technology. 

Cognexa joins NVIDIA Inception

Many of us interact with edge AI daily. It transforms industries by enabling localized, quick decision-making and data analysis, enhancing various aspects of our lives. NVIDIA is now a clear leader in hardware for edge AI, and especially after the release of the stunningly powerful Jetson Orin series of products.


Cognexa believed in edge AI from day one. Delivering cutting-edge custom solutions to our clients. We used NVIDIA technology to create affordable, compact IoT solutions and deployed dozens of solutions such as those for predictive maintenance, disease detection, process optimization, real time video and sensor stream analysis.


Joining the NVIDIA Inception program will allow us access to NVIDIA experts, knowledge trainings, and better access to NVIDIA hardware, software and services. All this contributes to Cognexa designing and building ever better edge AI and server solutions.


About Cognexa

Cognexa is your partner for artificial intelligence (AI). We design and build tailored AI solutions for every business. We are a team of experts in AI, building useful AI solutions since 2016. Our team of AI engineers, data scientists, consultants and architects helps innovators with every step of the AI journey, from ‘no idea’ until full-scale deployment and beyond. 


18. October 2023 at 13:29


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