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We create AI solutions that help organizations automate processes, optimize operations and extract value from data, creating high performance solutions to problems that were previously deemed unsolvable.



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Cognexa oversees the entire creative process and delivers
fully-customized end-to-end products.


Our team will work with you to identify the best possible opportunities for the deployment of AI solutions within your organization as well as in the field you work in.

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Visual volume estimation of pancreatic islets

In the search of finding a cure for Diabetes, CogneXa teamed up with IKEM to produce a program that can automatically evaluate the quality of pancreatic islets.

Pancreatic islets, or Islets of Langerhans, are clusters of cells containing beta cells, which are responsible for the production of the hormone insulin. Beta cells are essential in regulating blood glucose and maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Automated Odometer Reading (Odocap)

The cost of a car insurance premium is typically calculated based on the miles driven and that doesn’t always have to work for the best interest of the driver, or the car insurance provider. The issue is that odometer readings are often imprecise and unreliable. Considering how important this piece of information is, Cognexa has set out to fix this problem using computer vision technology.

A large car insurance company has approached us to assess whether we could develop a pay-per-mile system, based on automatic reading of vast amounts of dashboard images (odometer readings) to capture the actual car mileage while incorporating security measures to identify any potential manipulation with the picture (fraud prevention).

Why cognexa

Our team consists of mathematicians, engineers and business leaders, who draw on decade-long experience in crafting cognitive business solutions for multi-national companies within variety of industries.

Extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and software engineering, coupled with expertise in various other fields, enables our engineers to create individualized software solutions for our clients and provide AI consulting services.

Cognexa is headquartered in Bratislava (Slovakia),  with an office in Prague, Czech Republic.