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AI solutions

Helping companies work smarter, reduce costs, increase productivity, raise quality and innovate the product portfolio.

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Use cases

How can AI, machine vision and mathematical modelling revolutionize your business?

Life sciences and Medtech

We are enabling the success of life sciences technology companies by building powerful and reliable bespoke AI systems and software products.

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Industry and Manufacturing

Using big data, predictive analytics and machine vision, we help manufacturers and industrial integrators innovate, raise quality and reduce costs.

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Product innovations

We help companies create smarter products. Harnessing the power of AI as an enabler of previously unthinkable digital and physical products and offerings.

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Operations efficiencies

We help companies operationalize AI and benefit from cutting costs, boosting productivity, optimizing workflows and automating routine tasks.

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World class solutions

Cognexa = top notch team + state of the art technology

We are a team of consultants, machine learning specialists, software and hardware engineers, focused on applying AI in various industries and use cases. Thanks to our workflow automation (Cxflow), synthetic data generation technology (Blocx) and unique know-how, we are consistently improving the state of the art in AI solutions: getting a more robust and accurate solutions with less training data than you could possibly imagine.



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