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Cognexa’s speech at Better AI MeetUp

Lukáš Hudec, AI Architect/Lead Researcher at Cognexa, shows how to use AI for annotation and labeling of large datasets, at Better AI Meetup.

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Interview for Denník N

General artificial intelligence, which can take control of all human activities, is still a long way off, according to Lukáš Hudec, who researches and develops artificial intelligence at Cognexa and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

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Forbes writes about Cognexa’s AI solution

Cognexa provides the AI solution for the Slovak app Runology.

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Cognexa podcasts

Watch something extra from Cognexa. We were hosting medical and life sciences experts in our podcast studio. Listen and learn how AI can help medicine and life science.

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Cognexa received investment

Cognexa has received an investment from Innovations and Technologies Fund (Fond inovácií a technológií, a.s.)

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Interview for National Business Center

Cognexa among 15 exemplary business stories whose journey at some point intersected with the activities of the SBA. The interview questions were answered by Cognexa key members.

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Mask Detector by Cognexa Takes the Media

Cognexa has developed a mask detector pro bono, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The mask detector utilizes advanced AI algorithms to detect whether individuals in public spaces are wearing masks or not, helping to ensure compliance with public health guidelines.

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AI implementation manual for companies

Analysis and suggestion of options for research, development and application of AI in Slovakia

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