AI implementation manual for companies

As a member of a ministry-appointed expert group, our co-founder Marek Šebo contributed to the creation of the Manual for companies implementing the artificial intelligence ( Manuál pre zavedenie umelej inteligencie ) by co-creation of two chapters and overall methodology.

AI implementation manual for companies
  • Among the benefits of AI implementation are not only direct savings of resources, but also the improvement of results (increase in quality, improvement of product parameters, reduction of machine depreciation
  • AI can be implemented in various domains: production optimalization, quality management, predictive maintenance, process automation, energy management, marketing and sales, customer support.

Cognexa advises companies on best practices for implementing artificial intelligence in their operations, in cooperation with Slovak.AI and Ministry of investments, regional development and informatization.


Brochure 1 – Optimalization of production
Brochure 2 – Quality management, output and laboratory control and analysis
Brochure 3 – Predictive maintenance
Brochure 4 – Intelligent automation of non-production processes
Brochure 5 – Energy management
Brochure 6 – Marketing a sales support
Brochure 7 – Online sale
Brochure 8 – Customer and users support

Part of the work are also results of research, mapping the status of AI implementation in Slovak companies.

Texts published in the brochures are part of document ANALYSIS AND SUGGESTIONS OF OPTIONS FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN SLOVAKIA – Piece No. 2 – MANUAL FOR AI IMPLEMENTATION IN COMPANIES. This piece was written for the Office of the Prime Minister deputy for investments and informatization, by the group from Slovak Technical University v Bratislava, based on the Contract No. 1024/2019 from 29th October 2019. During writing of this study were particular outputs reviewed by the expert team centralized under Slovak center for research of artificial intelligence – Slovak.AI, of which Slovak Technical University in Bratislava is a member. 

© 2019, 2020 Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, The Office of the Prime Minister deputy for investments and informatization. All rights reserved.


11. December 2019 at 12:45

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