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Helping people live longer and healthier by developing custom AI-based solutions for biotech, medtech and healthcare industry.

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Who we usually work with

We teach cameras and computers to see and analyze both medical and non-medical images and video, so at the end of the day the doctors can make better, more educated decisions that can highly benefit the patient.

Startups and scaleups

Startups and scale-ups usually come to us with an idea for a product innovation that will possibly help them to grow faster and expand to different markets. We can very quickly conduct a feasibility study to validate the hypothesis and then design a future-proof solution.


Clinics and Research Institutes

We can help clinics and research institutes with either speeding up their discovery process and/or bring better services to their clients. When you connect your doctors´ and researchers´ knowledge with our technology expertise, the magic happens!


Large companies

We are enabling the success of globally established life sciences companies by building powerful and reliable bespoke AI systems and software products. Does it make sense for you to outsource your product innovation project? Our joint team of 140+ AI engineers and developers will be more than happy to help you out!


Where lies our biggest expertise

We have 5+ years of experience in developing customized AI solutions for life sciences

AI-ready workflow automation

We digitize processes and automate workflows to utilize the explosion of digital medical data and images and prepare them for a seamless AI integration.

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Microscopy image analysis

We create AI software tools that recognize objects and their properties in microscopy images to relieve invaluable experts from these mundane tasks.

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Smart navigation in large medical image data

We help practitioners navigate large image and video datasets created by modern imaging devices. Our AI software can identify what’s important or suspicious and guide experts to the most significant sections of data.

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AI-assisted diagnostics

AI assistants can be part of any diagnostic workflow. From pre-screening self-submitted patient images created at home to augmenting a view in clinical settings, experts can use its robust predictions to triage patients and interpret each case with confidence.

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AI-ready workflow automation

Digital transformation is taking the global laboratory diagnostic market by storm. Our smart AI-powered solutions will help you to digitize processes and bring more intelligence and automation into the workflow. As a result, we deliver a fully customized end-to-end solution optimized according to the needs of your organization. These solutions are created to be ready to integrate state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence applications and scale them as your organization and its data grow.

Microscopy image analysis

The technology also provides the richest data about every single produced part. These are archived, analyzed, and visualized to truly enable data-driven total quality management:

  • AI software tools created by the Cognexa team work together with image acquisition devices, such as digital cameras, to create end-to-end Computer-Assisted Microscopy solutions. Our team will identify and automate tasks that are mundane and create AI solutions that will significantly reduce the time and cost required to perform those tasks. Just to name a few:
    • Object detection
    • Object quantification
    • Object localization and classification
    • Segmentation based on morphology
    • Rare object identification
  • This solution helps managers cope with a shortage of experts, whose time is invaluable and can be focused on the most challenging tasks.

Smart navigation in large medical image data

From 4 high-resolution X-ray images during mammography, through thousands of frames of embryo development to a full-body 3D Computed Tomography scan. Modern digital medical imaging devices generate priceless digital data that can be viewed and reviewed anywhere and anytime. But as we strive for ever-higher resolutions and more complex data, navigating through them and finding the most relevant areas is becoming a challenging task. The AI tools can learn the visual characteristics of suspicious or important observations, whether they are microscopic pathological findings, movement patterns of healthy sperm or a developmental event of a human embryo.

Drawing attention to these observations can decrease the amount of false-negative interpretations and automatic categorization of the observations helps experts find the most significant factors for each case.

AI-assisted diagnostics

Medical diagnostic is a complex challenge comprising a lot of smaller specific tasks. Repetitive, mundane, or routine tasks can take up a significant amount of expert’s time and attention in the whole diagnostic process. Artificial intelligence is capable of supporting the diagnosis with its ability to learn to perform repetitive tasks and correctly report its results. The unique ubiquity of systems that can run Artificial intelligence programs means that the AI assistants can be accessed conveniently and the analysis can be performed even at the patient’s phone.

Why work with Cognexa

Cognexa = top notch team + state of the art technology

Full-stack team of AI builders

Elite team with a track record in building and operationalizing AI solutions. Drawing from a pool of 140+ developers and AI specialists.

Technology know-how

We´ve been deploying AI solutions for years thus we have pre-built components and interfaces. Plus domain expertise in several industries.

Value for money

We get it right for the first time. Our unique methodologies enable us to deploy a functional AI pilot very fast and then gradually improve it.


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