Analysis of running technique

Analysis of running technique

Use case

Whether professional athletes or sports enthusiasts, everyone tries to train effectively. Correct body posture, correct movement of individual muscles, speed of execution, all this has a direct impact on the quality and performance of an athlete, where every second, every centimeter can make a difference and victory. Training centers try to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in the field of effective training. Any tool that contributes to the efficiency of such a training process is very welcome.


Cognexa took on this challenge and prepared a software solution and motion analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) for the client. Runology is an application that analyzes the movement of runners.  An athlete can record a video of his/her running training to a smartphone using the Runology application. This video is then analyzed using an AI algorithm, which tracks key points on the body (knees, forelegs, feet etc.), measures angles in physiologically significant moments and the overall movement pattern of several monitored points. Based on the determined standards and optimal values ​​for running, it is possible to compare the quality of training, running with the optimal/model case. The coordinates are evaluated for the entire video and it is possible to analyze a longer section of movement in this way, frame by frame.


The ultimate outcome is undeniably the fact that Runology provides valuable data feedback to the runners. It all began when Cognexa started the cooperation with Runology at the pre-seed phase, where our consultant helped shape the client´side and the team devised an inexpensive proof of concept as a means of validating its feasibility. After these validations, we started the MVP product development.



Petra Pukalovičová

CEO, RUNology
"We approached Cognexa for cooperation in fulfilling our vision in the research and development phase, when they demonstrated high expertise, enthusiasm and a strong focus on finding solutions. I highly appreciate the pragmatic approach and professional project management. I am personally looking forward to continuing the cooperation."


 Based on the visual record and AI algorithm of an athlete´s movement, It is possible to determine the effectiveness and correctness of the movement.

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