Automation of player’s skating performance evaluation from the video

Automation of player’s skating performance evaluation from the video

Use case

One of the most valuable services of hockey development centers is providing players and coaches with an evaluation of their skating technique with the aim of improving it. But nowadays the evaluation is still not that exact, and moreover, it’s very time-consuming and needs to be done by an expert. Even the partial analysis could take up to several hours.’


We have customized our state-of-the-art video analytics and machine vision technology to build a software that records the movement using mounted cameras and holistically analyzes at each moment using 10+ distinct posture analysis methodologies. All of that in just one minute. As a result, the player and the coach get an evaluation that’s way more in-depth and the coach saves hours of manual work. Moreover, it changes the subjective view of a coach to a metric-based approach, helping the coach to work more efficiently and speed up the player’s progress.


The product is being gradually rolled out to be available to any of HDTS training centers worldwide. HDTS is one of the world leaders in building professional hockey centers so they are seeking the cutting edge innovation to provide top-notch services to their clients, hockey players. The strategic long-term partnership with CogneXa will help HDTS strengthen their position on the international market and enable them to expand more rapidly.


Ice-hockey training facility provider

Pavol Čupa

Founder & CEO, HDTS
"Involvement of artificial intelligence by CogneXa is a major step towards innovation and modernization of our training centers around the world."


Automated software system recording and evaluating the correct skating technique of hockey players

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