Core technology innovation for a biotechnology scaleup

Core technology innovation for a biotechnology scaleup

Use case

Our client, DNA ERA, is helping people to live longer and healthier lives by providing them with the analysis of their DNA as a way of personalized and predictive tool.

To scale their business and be able to serve thousands of clients they needed to refine their DNA analysis backend workflow so it could reliably accommodate increasing volumes and in the next step run fully in the cloud.


Our experts designed and developed a solution that will help DNA ERA to scale up even to millions of clients with the same architecture, utilizing our experience in building algorithms that automate workflows and working with different life science companies.

Thanks to our previous experience, the solution was designed in a way that could predict and avoid future possible problems, the same way as DNA ERA helps their clients to predict and avoid diseases. 


Having built a future-proof architecture will help DNA ERA to save operational costs coming forward and will also help to add more value to their clients as we made sure the new functionality can be integrated very easily into their existing product. All of this will lead to faster and more scalable growth.




Core technology innovation enabling the biotechnology company to scale-up faster


  • E-commerce
  • Life Sciences
  • MedTech
  • Scale-ups
  • Workflow Automation

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