Data analytics & AI platform for a global life sciences corporation

Data analytics & AI platform for a global life sciences corporation

Use case

The client´s motivation was to bring the best modern tools that will make it easier and faster for doctors to work. They also wanted to bring new knowledge to the IVF community, standardize processes and base the decision-making on data. They came up with an idea of a unique data and analytics online platform for embryologists. 


The solution is a platform that aims to gather and properly visualize all the available data in order to aid the decision-making process in IVF. The users can manage algorithms for calculating scores towards desired goals. The users are not only able to design new algorithms based on input data in CSV format, but also evaluate the scores of individual datasets (parameter sets) on a manual basis created or generated algorithms.


AI-powered video processing automates the workflow in the lab, while the platform itself gives the embryologists the means to analyze data, validate hypotheses, and collaborate with experts from all over the world.


Global life sciences corporation


Data Analytics & AI platform


Driving the standardization and the best practices

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Marek Šebo
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Business development

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